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February 07, 2012
Microsoft To Release Newest Iteration Of SQL Server
By Trevor Boland
From it's initial release in 1989 SQL Server has been updated and released 13 times and the 14th release is right around the corner.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 will release on March 7th, heralded by an online release party. Microsoft is pulling out all the stops with keynote speakers, a virtual Expo Hall and 12 different sessions containing "breakthrough insights."

SQL Server will have 3 separate SKUs including Enterprise and the new BI or business intelligence version. The BI edition will include tabular modeling and a new interactive visualization and reporting client. Of course not everybody is heralding the release as the next phase in data management. Andrew Brust said of SQL Server in his article of the new features, "All these features are new flavors of icing; the cake has stayed the same."

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